Two Bedroom Apartments for rent in Wroclaw

An apartment with two bedrooms and a living room is the most functional layout for a small family. Those who are planning to start a family and those who appreciate more space are often on the market for two bedroom apartments for rent. So called three-room apartment allows the tenant to conveniently organize a large living room, a bedroom for a couple and an office for remote work.

Learn more about two bedroom apartments for rent in the Hamilton May offer.

Rental market for two bedroom apartments

The offer of two bedroom apartments for rent is slightly smaller than the offers of studios and the typical Polish "two rooms". This is due to several factors. Firstly, developers design much more smaller units that are easier to sell. Secondly, tenants planning families decide rather to buy a flat than to keep renting. We observe however, this trend is declining and during the coming years and we expect that there will be more and more tenants on the market looking for three- and four-room apartments for long-term rental.

Hamilton May offers two bedroom apartments for rent mainly in modern apartment buildings. Slightly less often in our offer you can find renovated, large apartments in historic tenement houses in the Old Town. The districts of Wrocław where we obtain offers are most often:

  • Kępa Mieszczańska
  • Downtown
  • Nadodrze
  • Old Town
  • Grabiszyn
  • Biskupin
  • Screaming

Why choose an agency while renting an apartment in Poland?

Hamilton May is one of the most recognized real estate agencies on the market. We have been operating since 2004 and have offices in Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław. Our quality is confirmed by hundreds of positive opinions written by Google users.

Cooperating with Hamilton May, you ensure transaction security, offer verification, time saving and support in negotiations with the owner. If you value professionalism and efficiency, you should decide to rent an apartment with Hamilton May.

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