Four bedroom apartments for sale Wroclaw

Four-bedroom apartments in Wrocław are quite rare - most of the apartments intended for local buyers are smaller. Nevertheless, Hamilton May - in response to existing demand, mainly from foreign buyers - offers four-bedroom apartments located in various parts of Wrocław.

Five-room apartments for sale - Wrocław

Apartments with five rooms, four of which serve as bedrooms, have a standard area of 120 to 150 meters, although recently developers have started to offer apartments in this configuration with slightly smaller dimensions - from 80 to 120 meters. Some of the older blocks in Wrocław have apartments with such a configuration of rooms, but they are smaller than modern standards dictate. Occasionally, larger apartments in this configuration can be found in historic tenement houses - they usually reach an area exceeding 150 square meters and are characterized by a very large room size.