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Nadodrze has blossomed over the course of the last decade to become a prime example of successful regeneration. Set directly across the river from the Old Town, it enjoys a well-earned reputation for its renegade, avant-garde scene, and evidence of this is provided by way of its numerous alternative cafes, hip street food-style joints and XL-sized outdoor murals.

Summary of rental market in Nadodrze

The district of Nadodrze is a sought after area for rental apartments in Wroclaw. It is close to the city centre, well connected by public transport and has easy access to recreational areas by Odra River. Rental prices are lower than in very centre of the city, but still above the average for Wroclaw.

Property in Nadodrze

Nadodrze is found in varying states of repair, an increasing number of these have benefited from careful, privately conducted renovations. The area has also witnessed a growing number of new developments such as Centreville or Zajezdnia.

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