One Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Wroclaw

One-bedroom apartments are the most popular type of apartments in Wrocław - Hamilton May always has a wide selection of current offers in various standards and locations.

Is it worth buying a two-room flat in Wrocław

A huge number of city dwellers choose two-room apartments. This includes both small families and childless couples or working singles. It is also a flagship type of apartments chosen by expats working in Wrocław.

The standard size of a one-bedroom apartment in Wrocław is about 40 - 50 m2, although developers have recently started offering this type of flats with even smaller dimensions - 30 - 40 m2. Occasionally, you can find this type of apartments with a larger area - up to 70 m2 - this is usually the case in old tenement houses.

Due to the large number of one-bedroom apartments available in Wrocław, Hamilton May has a wide selection of this type of apartments available for sale. Apartments are available in all parts of Wrocław - from the Old Town to the outskirts of Krzyki; you can also choose freely in their standards - from basic to luxury. The most popular investments usually have a large number of one-bedroom apartments in their offer.

All this makes a two-room apartment a great choice. It works well as an apartments to own and can be easily rented.

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