Biskupin - real estate for sale


One of the most popular districts of Wrocław. They attract tourists and wealthy investors who invest their capital in post-German villas, surrounded by greenery and monuments, located near the city's tourist attractions.

Characteristics of the Biskupin district

The district is famous for its large green areas, which include the Szczytnicki Park and the Japanese Garden, well known to tourists. The most popular building in Biskupin, entered on the UNESCO list, is Hala Ludowa (Centennial Hall). The area is conducive to cycling tourism. Access by public transport in the vicinity of the Main Market Square takes about 15 minutes.

Properties for sale - Biskupin

Biskupin is a section of restored single-family houses, villas and tenement houses, remembering the times of war, but also new development investments. If you want to buy a house or flat in Biskupin, please contact our office in Wrocław.