Apartments for sale - Kępa Mieszczańska

Kępa Mieszczańska

In the very center of Wrocław there is an island called Kępa Mieszczańska - architecture completely destroyed during World War II, used as a background for patriotic cinematic creations. The place waited a long time for a new life and finally underwent a spectacular metamorphosis, during which it dynamically changed from a wasteland into one of the most luxurious and unique residential districts of Wrocław with recreational facilities and a green park.

Kępa Mieszczańska flats

Several prestigious, high-standard development investments have been built on the island, which, combined with the unique location, are clearly associated with prestige and luxury. Modern apartment buildings have been built, e.g. at Ksiącia Witolda, Dmowskiego and Mieszczańska Streets.

Kępa Mieszczańska - advantages of the location

Kępa Mieszczańska is a dignified retreat in the city center, offering the Old Town at your fingertips and a multitude of walking areas and greenery right next to the investments. A successful combination of tradition and modernity. If you want to buy or offer for sale a flat in Kępa Mieszczańska, please contact us.

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