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Companies operating in Wrocław are looking for offices for rent. Hamilton May helps tenants by offering a number of office and commercial premises for rent. If the offers presented here do not meet your expectations, please contact us - our agents will help you find the right offer.

Renting an office in Wrocław

Tenants of offices in Wrocław can usually choose from three types of properties. Many buildings from the 60s, 70s and 80s have been adapted to the needs of modern tenants. Suspended ceilings, modern ICT solutions and other amenities have been adapted in them. The advantage of these buildings is a relatively low price and, as a rule, well-developed local infrastructure.

Another type are restored tenement houses, usually in the Old Town and Śródmieście. These representative premises provide a great location and a prestigious address, which is why law firms or notaries are willing to use them. Unfortunately, they are often not adapted to the work of large teams.

The third type are class A office buildings, where the letting is most provided by the owner of the entire building or the property manager, and not by the private owners of individual units. Although prices in modern office buildings are high, they offer a whole range of amenities for a modern tenant.

Retail and service space for rent in Wrocław

As with offices, the retail and service space market is very similar. Location becomes even more important here, because it can determine the success of a business.

Hamilton May agents are experts on the Wroclaw market, which is why they are ready to help you find the right premises to run your business.

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