One Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Wroclaw

The rental market in Wrocław is dominated by two-room apartments. Apartments for rent with one bedroom and a living room are the most typicall chose by tenants.

One bedroom apartments for rent in Wrocław

So-called. "two rooms" can be found in new apartment buildings, blocks of flats from the post-war years and in historic tenement houses. Single-family house owners sometimes subdivide their properties into separate one-bedroom units that can be rented out easily and profitably.

A typical modern one bedroom apartment is 30-40 square meters. Most often the developer would design a small bedroom and a bigger separate living room combined with a kitchenette. The living room functions as a place to relax and work during the day. If we have a larger apartment, the living room will also have a comfortable place to receive guests - with an arranged sofa, armchairs or a coffee table.

Older buildings, for example blocks from the 1960s, often offer larger areas, even over 50 square meters. At that time, apartments were most often designed to fit one large room (often parents' bedroom) and another small one (usually a bedroom for children). The kitchen was arranged as a separate room. Despite the large area of the whole apartment, the kitchens were often small and it was difficult to organize a dining room in them.

Selection of one bedroom apartments for rent in Hamilton May

Hamilton May offers a selection of attractive one-bedroom apartments for rent. Contact us and use the help of experienced real estate agents.

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