Apartments for rent - Krzyki, Wroclaw


Krzyki is a district bordering City Centre on the South, with quick access to the city center and A4 motorway as well, is a residential district of Wroclaw.

Summary of rental market in Krzyki

The area appeals to a variety of tenants including students from the nearby universities, working professionals and expats. Krzyki’s popularity comes from its wide offer of real estate connected with an easy access to social infrastructure and abundance of recreational opportunities like popular parks or Aquapark.

Property in Krzyki

There is a mixture of housing in the Krzyki district. In the south subdistricts like Oporow, Borek, Wojszyce, or Klecina are dominated by detached house, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. Some areas such as Gaj are dominated by high rise block flats from the 1970s and 1980s where properties are more affordable. There are also many streets in Krzyki, particularly closer to the city center, where developers come with new developments.

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