Three Bedroom Apartments for sale in Wroclaw

Three-bedroom apartments are a less popular type in Wrocław - buyers from the local market usually prefer apartments with a smaller configuration. Hamilton May dedicates these offers to a small group of recipients. These are mainly wealthy local and foreign buyers. We acquire an above-average number of four-room apartments in a high standard.

Three bedrooms and a living room - apartments for sale in Wrocław

A three-bedroom (or four-room) apartment has a standard area of 80-120 m2, although recently developers have started to offer new apartments in this configuration with an area of 60-80 m2. Some older blocks often have multiple three-bedroom flats, although the spaces involved are generally very small. On the other hand, four-room apartments in some old tenement houses can even exceed 120m2 in size, having a number of very large rooms.

Due to the growing demand for three bedroom apartments, Hamilton May has a wide range of such units available for sale on a permanent basis, despite their relatively small number.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced agent who will save you time and money in the process of buying a flat - contact Hamilton May.

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