Studio apartments for sale in Wroclaw

The vast majority of Wrocław residents choose studio apartments. For this reason, studio apartments for sale are an important element of Hamilton May's portfolio. Browse the actual list of studio apartments for sale in Wrocław.

Studios for sale in Wrocław

Studio apartments can be found in almost all residential complexes in Wrocław. In purely investment apartment buildings, they even constitute the majority of the units. Singles and couples are particularly eager to choose studio apartments, which makes them equally popular among investors. A particularly common type of transaction we conduct is a purchase of a studio apartment for a growing child, which over time will become his property.

Studios usually have a very small hall, separate bathroom and one main room. The kitchen usually takes the form of a kitchenette or functions as a small, separate room. Studio apartments that separate the living area from the bedroom area with a partition wall are becoming more and more popular.

Hamilton May has a permanent, wide selection of studio apartments, located mainly in the center of Wrocław.