Apartments for sale, Wroclaw Krzyki


The district, which broadly extends around the Południowy, Wschodni and Skowroni parks, including numerous smaller districts located in the south-eastern part of the city. More often, however, the term Krzyki is understood as the Krzyki-Partynice housing estate, whose southern border is also the administrative border of the city.

Krzyki - attractions in the area

In Krzyki, you will find facilities for family entertainment, including cinemas and Aquapark Wrocław with water slides. In the Sky Tower, Ferio Gaj and Krzyki shopping malls, you can do shopping in stores of popular brands. In the Sky Tower, a point often visited by tourists is the observation deck, from which you can see the panorama of Wrocław. When it comes to attractions in Krzyki, it is worth mentioning the Old Jewish Cemetery and the delightful, historic Horse Racing Track, where, apart from races, large events, concerts and cultural events take place.

Krzyki - properties for sale

Popular investments with high-standard apartments for sale in the Krzyki district include Nowe Centrum Południowe and Drukarska 56, while apartments in the premium segment are available for sale in the Sky Tower skyscraper. Contact us and get to know the full list of investments with available apartments for sale in Krzyki

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