Three Bedroom Apartments for rent in Wroclaw

Three bedroom apartments for rent are rare. The owners of such premises often decide to divide them into smaller units, which makes it easier to rent them. However, this does not mean that there are no such listings at all. Hamilton May often has access to offers that are hard to find on the popular market. Therefore, we invite you to browse our rental listings of three bedroom apartments.

Thee beedroom for rent - apartments in Wrocław

When searching for rental offers on the Internet, you need to remember that the offers of apartments with three separate bedrooms and a living room operate under two names:

  • four-room apartments, typically in Polish-speaking Internet,
  • three-bedroom apartments, typically in international searches.
  • A three-bedroom (or four-room) apartment is usually between 80 and 120 m2. Due to the fact that the supply of apartments in recent years has been constantly catching up with the demand, developers have decided to lay out four rooms even in smaller apartments of 60-80 m2.

    Most of the apartments for rent in Hamilton May offer are located in new apartment buildings. The reader should note, however, that some blocks of flats from communism time had four-room apartments, although these were usually very small rooms. People looking for very large spaces can look for apartments in old, renovated tenement houses, but you have to reckon with the fact that these offers are very difficult to access, relatively expensive, and the rooms themselves are often interconnecting.

    Four-room apartments for rent in the Hamilton May offer

    Hamilton May carefully selects its portfolio, offering only actual and verified offers. There are few four-room apartments on the Wrocław market compared to offers with one, two or three rooms. That is why the apartments you will find on this website are a careful selection of offers in the best locations and in buildings of a sufficiently high standard.

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