Properties for sale for more than 5 000 000 PLN

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Luxury real estate for sale in Wrocław - over PLN 5 million

In the official sale, only a few apartments in Wrocław are listed for more than PLN 5 million. If you are looking to live above 40th floor you can expect to find something for yourself. In addition, such a budget will allow for the purchase of investment packages of apartments for rent in a good location or even for the purchase of an entire, albeit slightly older, building further from the city centre.

A buyer who decides to spend PLN 5 million will be able to afford a palace in the center of Wrocław or a few hundred meters of space in a modern building a bit further from the center.

Please note that many properties worth more than PLN 5 million are not listed anywhere on the internet. Sellers value discretion and turn to Hamilton May with a request to sell "off market". Please contact us if you wish to access such discreet offers.

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