Apartments with a garden for sale in Wrocław

Hamilton May presents a list of apartments for sale that have a private garden. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Wrocław, this list is for you.

Buy an apartment with a private garden in Wrocław

Access to greenery has become very demanded in recent years. City dwellers expect not only the proximity of parks, they want to have closer contact with nature in their homes. The interior design trend to have potted plants is proof of this. Therefore, private gardens are especially sought of by families with children.

How much is an apartments with a garden in Wrocław

The prices of flats with gardens vary greatly. The garden often "replaces" the balcony in the case of ground-floor premises in modern apartment buildings. The garden itself usually does not drastically affect the price of the apartment, but the low availability and growing demand make some owners count on getting a good selling price.

See the list above. The prices on it are updated regularly. You can also use the search engine and limit the list according to additional filters, such as area or district.