Apartments with a garden for rent

In recent years, properties with access to a garden have become particularly desirable. Tenants appreciated the proximity to nature, even if it is limited to a small backyard garden. To meet the expectations of such customers, we present apartments for rent in the garden.

Apartments for rent with a garden in Wrocław

A typical apartment with a garden will be located on the ground floor of a modern apartment building. The gardens are separated from the neighbors and the road by a fence, providing a sense of privacy. The exit to the garden is usually in the living room or - in the case of studio apartments - from the sleeping area of the apartment.

Gardens are an alternative to balconies, which are built in apartments on the upper floors. Naturally, a garden requires care and consumes more time and work than typical potted flowers, but the satisfaction of using a private piece of greenery in the middle of the city is very high.

Some buildings from the post-war years have small gardens, although this trend in the architecture of the 1950s and 1960s did not continue in the following decades. Often, gardens in such buildings are not private and are maintained by the community of residents.

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