Properties for sale: 1 000 000 - 2 000 000 PLN

Luxury real estate for sale in Wrocław - market overview

Customers with a budget exceeding one million zlotys have a relatively small choice. Wrocław's secondary market offers only a few hundred offers of sales apartments in this price range. Hamilton May specialists make even further selection, choosing only the best-priced offers, presenting the best standard.

What can you expect when buying a property in the range of one million to two? The apartments in the most luxurious investments in Wrocław - Sky Tower, Ovo and Młyn Maria - are in the lead. In addition, a buyer with such a budget will easily find offers of four-room apartments in the close vicinity of the city center.

The range between one million and two million zlotys is the perfect budget for looking for a house for sale. In Wrocław and its vicinity, there will be several times more offers to buy a house than an apartment.

Are you looking for a luxury property for sale at a price of up to PLN 2 million? Regardless of whether it is an apartment or a single-family house, we have prepared unique offers for you.