Apartments for sale in the cradle of technology and industry in Wrocław

Wrocław Industrial and Technology Park

The Fabryczna District, located in the western and south-western parts of Wrocław, owes its name to popular workplaces operating years ago, such as Pafawag or Pilmet. Currently, there are huge business centers in the area of ​​the Fabryczna district, where large Polish and international companies operate - Wrocław Industrial Park and Wrocław Technology Park.

Popular housing estates in the area

For our clients, we are looking for comfortable and unique properties for sale, both in the residential segment and among the offers of single-family houses, including terraced houses. The estates of the Fabryczna district, where Wrocławski Park Technologiczny and Wrocławski Park Przemysłowy are located, are typical bedrooms of Wrocław. Investments implemented in Nowy Dwór and Muchobór Wielki, as well as those at ul. Graniczna, whose undoubted advantage is the proximity of the airport and the popular shopping center Wrocław Fashion Outlet. High-standard apartments for sale are also available closer to the city center, in the vicinity of Legnicka, Robotnicza and Braniborska streets. Among the residential investments in this popular location, the following investments are worth mentioning: Braniborska 10, Dorzecze Legnicka and Port Popowice. Popular amenities with a cinema, dining and shopping facilities are offered by the Magnolia Park Shopping Centre. In this suburban and business district, there is also the Municipal Stadium and Hala Orbita - venues for organizing large sports and cultural events. From the hustle and bustle of the big city, residents of the Fabryczna district can find a respite in the Parks: Zachodni and Tysiąclecia

Buying a house - alone or with a real estate agent?

Buying real estate is usually one of the most important decisions - life or investment. Finding the right house or apartment, with the potential to increase in value over time, and at a price adequate to the standard and location, requires spending valuable time, attention and knowledge of the real estate market. Hamilton May has been successfully providing its clients with solutions tailored to their needs since the beginning of its activity. Trust the experienced Agency, which has been successfully helping its clients in trading premium real estate in the largest cities in Poland since 2004.

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