Wroclaw Airport Nicolaus Copernicus

The airport Nicolaus Copernicus - Wrocław

Airport Nicolaus Copernicus is the international airport in Poland, which serves arround 3 million passangers per year. The airport in Wrocław is located at Graniczna street. Airport Nicolaus Copernicus is located 10 km from the center of Wrocław. The proximity of the AOW makes access by car from the airport in the Wrocław area quick and convenient. Wrocław Airport is one from 40 best airports in Europe. Travelers from all over the world, voting in the rating, evaluating the quality of service, and advantages including culinary service or rest area.

Flats near the airport for frequent travelers

A flat near the airport is an ideal solution for frequent travellers. The property is easily accessible by public transport or car. If you are interested in buying a house or flat in the vicinity of the Wrocław Airport, please contact Hamilton May.