Apartments for Sale, Nowe Centrum Południowe

Centrum Południowe - real estate, Krzyki Wrocław

Discover the functional residential and office buildings in the area of ​​the Nowe Centrum Południowe and Centrum Południe investments, in the Krzyki district, chosen as a place to live by active people who regularly use the recreational and cultural offer of Wrocław. Interesting projects have been built between Powstańców Śląskich and Gwiaździsta Streets in Wrocław.

Characteristics of the Centrum Południowe region

The described area belongs to the Krzyki district and covers the area between Sky Tower and Pasaż Zielińskiego. Modern and functional architecture characterizes this place. The implementation of construction projects was guided by the idea of ​​increasing the comfort of work and life of people who function on a daily basis in this part of the city. The multitude of public and private, including international, educational institutions in the vicinity significantly facilitates the efficient organization of weekdays and reconciling professional roles with family responsibilities. On our website you will find a list of available properties for sale in Wrocław in the area of ​​Centrum Południowe.

Hamilton May Real Estate Agency

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