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Wroclaw International School

In many non-public schools in Wrocław, especially in international schools, recruitment is carried out throughout the year, because families with children come from abroad at different times during the school year. One of the leading schools is Wroclaw International School at ul. Racławicka. Children and young people of all nationalities can apply for admission to the school. Wroclaw International School provides high-quality education. It implements the program with respect for cultural differences, teaching children respect and preparing students to live and work in an international environment. The school is prepared to conduct classes remotely if an emergency situation requires it.

Wroclaw International School-Location

The school is located on the border of two housing estates: Grabiszyn-Grabiszynek and Krzyki-Partynice. Multi-family housing dominates here. Attractive apartments are offered by investments such as Planty Racławickie, Partynicka Park, Nowa Jutrzenka and Partynice House. Hamilton May also offers houses with gardens in the vicinity of the school. The area provides numerous playgrounds, green, walking and recreational areas.

Properties for sale

If you are moving to Wrocław and are looking for a property for sale in Wrocław, please contact us. Our Agents serve clients in 6 foreign languages. We will help you choose a property that will meet your family's expectations. Hamilton May has been providing professional services on the real estate market since 2004. We successfully serve the premium real estate market, we specialize in serving international clients. We are present in the largest Polish cities, including Wrocław. By commissioning us to handle the purchase of real estate in Wrocław, you save time and you can be sure that your Agent will take care of all the details of the transaction that are important to you. With us you will experience service at the highest level.

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