Properties for sale next to American School of Wroclaw

The American School of Wroclaw

Among several educational institutions available in Wrocław offering a bilingual programm, it is worth considering the American School of Wroclaw (ASW)

Educational offer

A complex of educational institutions for children of all ages: from nursery, through kindergarten, to the last grade of primary school. The school offers the American Core Knowledge program, but also a classic Polish programm. Teachers teach children open communication, openness to different cultures and different points of view. They teach children to draw from diversity. The school's curriculum puts a balanced emphasis on both Polish and English language learning in order to equip students with full bilingual competence. It is recognized as one of the leading international schools in Wrocław.

Location of the American School of Wroclaw

The neighborhood of the American School of Wroclaw is a suburb of Wrocław with convenient access to the city center

The estates of single-family villas and residential buildings make the offer of real estate for sale in this part of Wrocław very diverse. It will fulfill the dreams of families looking for both a house with a garden and a comfortable apartment in a nice neighborhood. You will find here unusual terraced houses, an example of which in this district is the Mikmak House investment.

In the immediate vicinity there is a very popular place on the map of Wrocław - the Partynice horse racing track and many various restaurants and bars. Kleciński Park offers a vast walking and recreation area. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the river. The proximity of greenery gives respite from everyday matters. The park is eagerly visited by families with children thanks to the playground and obstacle course. Jogging enthusiasts will find numerous jogging alleys here.

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