Apartments for rent in the vicinity of Wrocław Technology Park and Wrocław Industrial Park

Apartments for rent in the largest business district of Wrocław

Maintaining work-life balance requires proper time management. The proximity of home to the place associated with the performance of professional duties significantly reduces the time and cost of regular commuting, thanks to which more resources are left for the implementation of personal goals. Apartments for rent in the Wrocław Fabryczna area will be the right choice for people professionally associated with the Wrocław Technology Park or the Wrocław Industrial Park.

Wrocław Technology Park – characteristics

Wrocław Technology Park (WTP) is the largest business institution of this type in Poland. There are over 220 companies of various profiles and scale of activity in the complex. Both start-ups, enterprises from the SME sector and large international corporations have their headquarters here.

Wrocław Industrial Park – characteristics

Wrocław Industrial Park (WPP) covers an area of ​​163 ha between Strzegomska, Robotnicza and Góralska streets. Currently, over 250 companies from nearly 60 different industries and universities operate in it: the WSB University and the Lower Silesian University

Wroclaw Fabryczna – property rental market

Popular estates that are located in the Wrocław Fabryczna district near the Wrocław Technology Park include estates such as Muchobór Wielki and Nowy Dwór. Legnicka, Robotnicza and Braniborska streets will be particularly attractive locations for people looking for premises near the Wrocław Industrial Park. Investments such as Braniborska 10, Dorzecze Legnicka and Port Popowice will be worth considering. The next step to renting a suitable apartment is contacting Hamilton May, who will do the hardest work for you and ensure that the signed contract is legal and cares for the interests of the tenant and the owner equally.

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