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We present a list of apartments for rent that can be viewed remotely using virtual walk technology. Enter the property you are interested in, and then click on the main photo to move remotely to its interior.

Remote presentation of apartments

Virtual home visits became popular in early 2020. It was then that many real estate portals and agencies decided to invest in modern technologies enabling the creation and hosting of virtual walks.

Remote visits to real estate and even renting apartments without a client's visit were not new to Hamilton May. As an agency serving expats and people from abroad, we have presented apartments to clients many times using live video. Virtual tours have become an additional tool to facilitate presentations.

A selection of apartments for rent with a virtual tour from Hamilton May

If you value time and comfort, you can easily view the interiors of the apartments presented here using your phone or laptop. There is no need to install any application, all you need is a device with Internet access.