Apartments for rent in the vicinity of ATUT International School

ATUT Bilingular Primary School and International High School of Wrocław - characteristics

ATUT Bilingular Primary School and International High School of Wroclaw is one of the three schools run by the Foundation of International Education (FEM). The Schools offer educational solutions for its multinational students.

Bilingual Primary School and International High School ATUT in Wrocław - real estate rental market

Hamilton May receives regular inquiries about offers of apartments for rent from parents of children attending the ATUT school or immigrant families moving to Wrocław. Typical locations taken into account for this search criterion are the vicinity of Krzyki, Oporów and Grabiszyn. Living near the school campus facilitates the daily duty of dropping off and picking up children from school. The vicinity of the school offers numerous places of recreation, it is conducive to spending time with the family in the nearby park and public playgrounds.

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