Business Garden - Wrocław, Legnicka street

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Wroclaw Business Garden

an innovative office complex located in the western part of the city at Legnicka Street

Business Garden Wrocław - characteristics

Business Garden Wrocław has a total area of ​​100,000 m2, divided into several high-standard office buildings. The location of the complex ensures convenient access by public transport from both the city center and the airport. The area among the office buildings is filled with a green garden, which serves tenants as a place to rest, but also a place for events that distinguish the complex from the competition. Seasonal open-air cinema screenings, events and workshops, and food truck rallies are held in Business Garden.

Business Garden Wrocław – real estate rental market

Popular modern residential investments in the Business Garden area include: Dorzecze Legnicka, Port Popowice, Pixel House or Porto. If you are looking for an apartment for rent at ul. Legnicka in Wrocław, contact us and our experts will find an apartment that meets your expectations.