Shops and retail spaces for rent in Warsaw

Shops and retail spaces to rent in Warsaw

Hamilton May specializes in the offer of shops and retail spaces for rent in Warsaw, mainly in central areas of the city. We are pleased to offer a selection of up to date shop and retail space rental listings in Warsaw.

Summary of shops and retail space rental market in Warsaw

Warsaw is a center of commercial and business activity in Poland, with average pay at the highest level in Poland - logically, it is also home to best shops and services. The market is very much differentiated, as numerous shopping centers are placed all around the City but in the city center some of the most expensive and prestigious shops can be found.

Most of shops and retail spaces are located in modern shopping centers, that have appeared not only in the very city center but also in different regions. At the same time there are some retail spaces available in older buildings - ones from communist times but also in old tenament houses. This kind of office space also can be found through out the whole city.

Pricing of shop and retail spaces office spaces depends very much on location, standard and prestige of the building. The prices in new buildings in city center, especially in most famous shopping areas (like Mokotowska street) can reach level of 400-500 PLN per square meter. The standard price in a centrally located retail space is approx. 150-200 PLN per square meter.

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