Apartments and houses for rent in area of Wilanow

Hamilton May presents available rental offers of properties located in Wilanow district.

Rental market in Wilanow

Wilanów is a prestigious residential area located in southern part of the city, between Vistula river and Ursynów district - its south border is also border of Warsaw.

Wilanów is one of the fastest growing regions of Warsaw - number of its inhabitants grows constantly due to numerous ambitious developers' projects. The most famous one is 'Miasteczko Wilanów' - settlement where about 10 000 people live. Designed with help of urban planners and many top architectural studios, it was first settlement of this size built in Poland

Wilanów doesn't mean only exclusive residential investments - it's also protected natural landscape and historical buildings, including famous Wilanów Palace built in the end of 17th century

Properties in Wilanów

Because of its rapid growth, most of the apartments available on the market are located in new developments. There are both apartments and houses available in this region. Wilanów is a prestigious area, which is also popular among expats.

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