Apartments for rent in the area of Ochota

Hamilton May presents current listings of apartments available for rent in Ochota district in Warsaw.

Rental market in Ochota

Ochota is a residential-commercial district located on the Western part of Warsaw. It stands out as a very green region, thanks to nearby parks - Pole Mokotowskie or Szczesliwicki park. Ochota is also perfectly communicated with the City Centre, thanks to both the public transport and well developed road infrastructure.

The most important parts of Ochota include the Ochota Campus (comprising many important academic centres, such as the Medical University of Warsaw and the University of Warsaw Faculty of Geology) and Ochota Office Park, where many companies headquarters are located, along wih two large shopping malls: Reduta and Blue City.

Ochota is often a place of choice for professionals working in the City Centre - advantaes include both location and attractive rental prices.

Real Estate in Ochota

Ochota mainly consists of interwar residential settlements and tenement buildings, however, its southern part represents a typical Socialist Realism architecture.

Apart from that, Ochota is a common choice for developers to build new complexes - which are in main interest of Hamilton May. Average rental price varies between 2000 and 5000 PLN depending on standard and location of the apartment.

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