Apartments for sale in Zoliborz district in Warsaw

Hamilton May presents current listings of houses and apartments available for sale in Żoliborz district in Warsaw.

Real estate market in Żoliborz

Żoliborz, bordering City Centre on the North, is a green and quiet residential region. It is the smallest district in Warsaw, and over 50% of its buildings are single family houses and villas.

Almost 1/3 of Żoliborz consists of green areas. Among them are: Powązki cementery, Kaskada park, Żeromskiego park, Kępa Potocka, Sady Żoliborskie and remnants of the Warsaw Fortress.

Zoliborz is a perfect living place for families with children. It is often chosen by high-level business professionals, who move to Poland along with their family - thus making purchasing a property there a great investment.

Real estate in Żoliborz

More than half of buildings in Żoliborz are houses and villas. It is a perfect oportunity for families to live near the City Centre, while being surrounded by greenery at the same time.

Żoliborz also consists of blocks of flats for 60's and 70's, but in recent years many modern developments have been constructed. They present high quality and standard, being a good alternative for Zoliborz Houses.

Average sale prices vary from 8000-11000 PLN/m2, depending on size and exact location. Hamilton May mainly deals with apartments in new investmens.

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