Apartments and houses for sale in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Hamilton May presents current listings of apartments and houses available for sale in prestigious Konstancin-Jeziorna

Real estate market in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Konstancin-Jeziorna is a town located about 20 km southwards from center of Warsaw and a part of its metropolitan area. It's an exceptionally prestigious spot, with major health resort values, being only place of this kind in Warsaw's neighborhood.

With its peaceful environment, unique micro-climate and convenient road connection with city center, Konstancin for decades has been one of the most expensive and prestigious spots in Warsaw metropolitan area and a home to numerous people from crème de la crème of Polish political, business and cultural life.

Traditional urban scenery of Konstancin-Jeziorna consists of historic villas (from XIX century and interwar period). Nowadays there are numerous new investments developed, some of them focused on luxurious mansions but also ones including semi-detached houses and also residential buildings.

With new investments, Konstancin may offer wider range of properties for its potential inhabitants. Town still has big urban potential for further growth via to both its infrastructure and adjacent spaces.

An important spot on a map of Konstancin-Jeziorna is American School of Warsaw. Its presence sumed up with mentioned charakteristics makes Konstancin home for a big group of foreign professionals working in Warsaw.

Properties in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Konstancin-Jeziorna has been one of the most prestigious spots in Warsaw area for years - this address is directly connected with high social status. Growing society of expats is another factor that stimulates market here. Properties prices in Konstancin-Jeziorna are among the highest in Warsaw aglomeration, however there are still significant differences in pricing amongs various parts of Konstancin.

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