Apartments for sale in residential area of Mokotow

Hamilton May presents current listings of apartments available for sale in a very popular district of Mokotow

Real estate market in Mokotow

Mokotow is one of the most popular residential districts in Warsaw. Perfect comunication with other parts of the city, surrounding greenery and good standard of construction have contributed to increase of interest in Mokotow.

Inhabitants can easily travel to city centre thanks to numerous public transport connections, as well as via metro line - which is a significant advantage for people working in downtown

Mokotow is also one of the greenest districts in Warsaw. Many parks and recreational areas, such as Pole Mokotowskie, differentiate it from dense plan of Srodmiescie (the City Centre), and are valued among its residents.

Buyers of apartments located in Mokotow are often local investors, encouraged by high demand and high return rates in the area.

Real estate in Mokotow

The residential district of Mokotow has recently became very popular destination for new development projects. Growing demand encourages developers to build new complexes. They also take into account the needs of the most demanding clients, and create penthouses and luxury apartments in their developments.

Large portion of the buildings are also blocks of flats from 60's and 70's, however, Hamilton May is mostly dealing with new residential buildings.

Sale prices vary from 7000 to 15000 PLN/m2, hovewer luxurious apartments are also available, with prices reaching 25 000 PLN.

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