Apartments for sale in Warsaw City Centre

Hamilton May presents current sales offers of apartments in Warsaw's City Centre

Summary of real estate market in Srodmiescie (City centre)

City Centre is the most representative district of Warsaw - it is home to the most luxurious hotels, famous museums, high standard residential complexes and one of the tallest buildings in Poland.

Business centre of Warsaw is also workplace for thousands of professionals, who very often are foreigners coming to Poland for a set period of time. They willingly choose the City Centre for its ease of communication between other parts of the city, thanks to numerous publick transport connections. There also are two metro lines crossing in the district of Srodmiescie.

Popularity among foreigners encourages investors to purchase property in the city centre, as the demand is usually constant, giving better return rates than in other parts of Warsaw.

Property in Srodmiescie

Most of the buildings in downtown are blocks of flats from 60's and 70's. City centre is also home to pre-war tenement buildings, reconstructed after WW II.

Recently City Centre is also a popular place among developers - high demand encourages them to create high standard developments - which are the main focus of Hamilton May Real Estate Company

Srodmiescie is also a district of the most luxurious residential towers - where purchase prices commonly reach 25 000 PLN/m2.

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