Properties for rent near Sluzewiec Office Complex

Sluzewiec Office Complex - popular "Mordor"

The first modern office building in Sluzewiec Office Complex was built exactly 30 years ago. The neighbourhood became a symbol of the capital's business development and the term 'Mordor' entered colloquial speech. Any fan of Tolkien's works will recall Mordor - the 'Black Country' - which does not have a positive connotation - it is a synonym of something terrifying. However, we should remember that popular opinions are mostly sarcastic and confirm that the people working there have a sense of humour and a healthy distance from the workplace.

Sluzewiec - a business district whose potential has been recognised by all developers

The potential of the largest office complex in Poland has been recognised by all developers - including residential and hotel developers. As a result, "Mordor" is currently the largest business hub in Poland. At Hamilton May we regularly receive enquiries about properties for rent near the Sluzewiec Office Complex.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information about available properties.

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