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Central Business District - characteristics

A Central Business District is a densely concentrated business area that is an economic centre in a city or region. In some cities, the Central Business District is also referred to as the financial district.

The business district, abbreviated as CBD, is a key planning term, as it is important for so many of the city’s overlapping themes: the success of the local and regional economy, the movement of goods and people, the life and culture of the city and much more.

CBD is generally considered to be separate from the broader term “Downtown”, which may include more historical residential areas or adjacent historical and cultural centre of the city.

Central Business District in Warsaw

The panorama of the city is often recognizable due to the buildings in the CBD. The Warsaw Central Business District is known for many prominent investments, such as the tallest building in Poland – the Varso Tower, which offers 150,000 m2 of office and service space for the most demanding tenants.

The boundaries of the Central Business District in Warsaw are: Aleja Solidarności (northern boundary), Hoża (southern boundary), Nowy Świat + Krakowskie Przedmieście (eastern boundary) and Aleja Jana Pawła II (western boundary).

Central Business District - properties for rent in Warsaw

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