Houses for rent in the area of The International American School of Warsaw (IAS)

The International American School of Warsaw (IAS) was established in 1989, making it the first private American school of the post communist period. IAS is an international school with pupils from over 30 different nationalities. The school has two main buildings which are located adjacent to each other. The primary school, which teaches pre-school and first and second graders is located at ul. Dembego 12, and the secondary school, which is located just 100m away at ul. Dembego 18, teaches grades 4 to 12.
At Hamilton May, we regularly receive requirements from expat and diplomatic families who require either family houses within reasonable travel distance of IAS. Because of its location in Ursynow-Kabaty, the catchment area for IAS is generally Ursynow , Konstancin or Wilanow which offer good communication to IAS and also access to the centre of Warsaw, where many of the parent's employment is based.
In areas of Ursynow, Konstancin or Wilanow there is a good stock of high standard family houses of approx 150m2 to 400m2, which typically range from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Generally the houses include parking facilities and garages, a feature which is normally a requirement for the families of The International American School of Warsaw.
Popular developments which service IAS include the Konstancja housing estate. For your convenience, Hamilton May has provided a selection of properties that have been pre-selected as both suitable and nearby to IAS and we encourage you to contact us for more information on properties of interest.

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