Apartments with a garden for rent

Since the pandemic start, we have seen an increase in demand for garden apartments, which are a good alternative to traditional houses. We have created this category specifically for people who are considering renting a flat with an attached green space. Take a look at our reviews of garden apartments and rent the property that is best suited to your needs.

Apartment with a garden - advantages and disadvantages

Having your own green space provides numerous benefits, for example:
  • Space for both relaxation and outdoor activities.
  • A safe place to play games with the children.
  • An additional area for energetic pets.

  • The disadvantages of this type of property include, first and foremost, less privacy than for higher floor flats. However, bear in mind, that ground-floor windows and doors are usually better protected than standard ones. In addition, the feeling of intimacy may be enhanced by plants planted in the garden. These can be a potential disadvantage of a garden apartment - shrubs, grass or flowers require regular care.

    As an experienced real estate agency, we are able to define the ideal property for rent that meets your expectations. Just take a look at our current garden apartments offer and send us a list of your chosen properties. Our agents will guide you through the entire rental process.