Consulate and embassy letting service in Krakow

Hamilton May offers a dedicated letting service tailored to meet the requirements of Krakow's consulate and embassy staff.

Each month we lease apartments and houses to visiting diplomats and staff relocating to Krakow's embassies and consulates. As a result our letting team has the experience and know how to deliver on diplomatic instructions, which are commonly more specific in nature and require attention to detail.

A priority that we regularly encounter is the need for a flexible lease, as consulate staff may be requested to move to another location at short notice. We are familiar with this need and work with landlords that are willing to agree to this flexibility by including a 'diplomatic clause' in the lease agreement, allowing the tenant to terminate the lease early and without significant penalties.

Security is also typically identified as a priority. We can meet this need firstly through our access to a portfolio of modern properties in Krakow's newest and most secure developments. Additionally, with our local market expertise, we can provide advice as to the best locations to address this issue.

Furthermore, it should be noted that we offer both serviced properties as well as long term rental properties, meaning that we can provide solutions for almost any housing requirement.

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