Corporate letting service tailored for companies and corporations in Krakow

If you are working for a corporation or company and require letting services for you or your team, we are ready to help.

Hamilton May Krakow offers dedicated corporate let services aimed at assisting companies and their staff to source properties to rent. Whether you require just one apartment for your own needs or whether you are organising a relocation of a team of people, we have the resources to provide solutions.

Individual properties in Krakow can be sourced from our database of private landlords, however, we also co-operate with large scale residential investors, meaning we can suggest packages of apartments to meet the needs or any requirement. From our years of letting experience we are also familiar with the specifics of signing lease agreements from B2C or B2B to ensure the agreement suits the needs of your business.

As many of our customers are international corporations, our lease drafts are prepared in multi-language versions to assist with transactions between clients of different nationalities.

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