Apartments for Sale Ruczaj Krakow

Ruczaj is not one of Hamilton May’s main areas of focus, however, we do offer a limited selection of good quality apartments for sale in this region. The sales market in Ruczaj Sales prices in Ruczaj are generally around or just below the average in Krakow. The supply of property is generally greater in more outlying areas of Krakow and as a result you get more apartment for your money with developers offering good deals to move property on. The area is popular with a variety of buyers, including many young families and working professionals. Ruczaj is also now serviced by trams with relatively short travel times to city centre, so many residents choose to live in Ruczaj but work in other parts of the city. Description of property in Ruczaj The oldest part of Ruczaj consists of residential estates, mainly plattenbau (high rise block flats), while the newer areas consist of recently built residential apartment developments. The area has become a focus for the construction of thousands of new flats in various estates in the first part of the 21st century. Buyers can choose from apartments on the primary market, direct from developers, or newly built apartments on the large secondary market in the area.

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