Apartments for Rent Podgórze Krakow

The central parts of the Podgórze district are one of the focus areas for Hamilton May in terms of our rental listings owing to the city centre location and good communication links. As with any region of the city our priority is to focus high standard apartments for rent.

The rental market in Podgórze

Rental prices are lower than in very centre of the city and are generally around the average in Krakow. Rental prices fall in more outlying areas of the district. As always, rental prices will depend on the location and quality of the apartment, and there are still many affordable pockets of Podgórze where rents are inexpensive.

The area is popular with a variety of tenants, including students from universities in the area, working professionals and expats. There is also evident a growing population of artistic residents in Podgórze, many having moved from across the river in Kazimierz looking for lower rents.

Description of property in Podgórze

The central area of Podgorze is characterized by old style tenement or town house style buildings which line the streets around Podgorze’s main thoroughfares of Kalwaryjska and Limanowskiego. It is also the host to buildings of architectural interest, such as St Joseph’s church.

In outer areas of Podgorze, there is a mixture of housing types, from communist tower blocks to modern residential developments. In the old town parts of Podgórze, apartments located in tenement buildings which are in poor condition are still in relatively low demand and the rental prices reflect this. However better quality apartments, particularly in new developments, now command higher than average rental prices and are increasing in popularity.

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