Apartments for Rent Wola Justowska Krakow

Apartments for rent Krakow Wola Justowska

Hamilton May specializes in offering apartments to rent in Wola Justowska. Check our property list for up to date rental listings and high quality rentals in Wola Justowska.

The rental market in Wola Justowska

Wola Justowska is widely regarded as the best address in Krakow, so prices are at the high end for renting in Krakow. The area appeals to a variety of tenants due to its high quality real estate, proximity to the city centre and A4 motorway and beautiful surroundings. Rental prices for apartments in high standard modern apartment buildings can be amongst the highest in Krakow, comparable to similar standard developments in the city centre.

Description of property in Wola Justowska

The area of Wola Justowska is characterized by a mixture of low rise real estate, there are no high rise block flats in the neighbourhood. Amongst older style house and modern villas can be found a selection of intimate modern apartment buildings. These buildings and small complexes are generally low rise, a maximum of 3-4 stories and have nice green surroundings with low density construction. Parking is generally not an issue in Wola Justowska. Many apartment complexes will have underground parking as well as monitored outdoor spaces and it is also possible to park on the street.

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