Apartments for Rent Prądnik Biały Krakow

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The region of Prądnik Biały is on the outer edges of Krakow city centre and is therefore not the primary focus for Hamilton May, when listing apartments for sale; however, we do offer a limited listing of higher standard apartments in this location.

The rental market in Prądnik Biały

The district of Prądnik Biały comprises different areas and neighbourhoods with a variety of different types and standards of real estate to rent. Prądnik Biały has a lot of areas with affordable apartments to rent, mainly in high rise block flats, including Azory, Bronowice Wielkie and Górka Narodowa.

More modern apartments can be found in the Żabiniec neighbourhood, an estate completed in the early 2000s. Some parts of the area, such as Górka Narodowa, are connected to the city via trams. Other areas are served by regular bus services.

In general, prices for rental apartments in the Prądnik Biały area are around or below average for Krakow. The area is popular with a variety of tenants, including students from the nearby universities, working professionals and expats.

Description of property in Prądnik Biały

There is a mixture of apartment types for rent in Prądnik Biały. Much of the stock is apartment blocks, both high rise and low rise, from the 1970s and 1980s. There is also a good range of newer style apartment complexes throughout the district.