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We present a list of houses and apartments for sale in Krakow, which can be viewed remotely using virtual tour technology. Enter the property you are interested in, then click on the graphic with the 360° icon to be remotely transported to its interior.

Virtual property tour is a technology accessible to everyone

The 360° virtual tour is a modern approach to presenting the qualities of a property. Its great advantage is that it does not require the installation of additional applications or the use of specialised equipment. All you need to take a virtual walk around a property is a computer or a regular smartphone.

Virtual 360° walk - a service available at Hamilton May

At Hamilton May we meet the expectations of our clients and create virtual tours of selected properties. Complementary 360° virtual tours are provided for our exclusive listings matching certain criteria. Not only does this enable prospective buyers and tenants to decide on your property remotely, but it also ranks higher on the property portals. Contact our agent to consider creating a virtual tour of your property. If there is a reason to do so, our photographer will produce a professional 360° walk that will enhance the competitiveness of your listing. The production is included in the price of the brokerage service.

As an agency specialising in foreign clients, we are ready to handle remote transactions. Thanks to the use of virtual walk-through technology, we systematically participate in the remote transaction agreements.

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