We are introducing a Ukrainian language version of our website



Hamilton May presents the website in the Ukrainian language version. So far, the service has offered users content in Polish and English. The implementation of the third language version of the website is a great convenience for our customers from across the eastern border.

The international team of Hamilton May agents helps foreign contractors to carry out profitable transactions on the Polish real estate market on a daily basis. The analysis of website traffic and the growing number of inquiries sent in Ukrainian set the direction for the website's development.

Hamilton May employees were actively involved in the process of preparing the content translations. Thanks to their knowledge of foreign languages, including Ukrainian, it was possible to avoid misunderstandings resulting from the ambiguity of some expressions. The content of the site is based on natural speech, which is positively assessed by users. As a result of the changes implemented in the Ukrainian language, you can find not only real estate rental and sale offers, but also sites describing key services and interesting city guides that familiarize users with popular districts of Krakow, Wrocław and Warsaw.

Hamilton May offers professional brokerage services not only to local clients, but also to expats, people relocating to Poland. An important group of the company's stakeholders are private and institutional foreign investors. This obliges us to implement solutions that facilitate the implementation of the company's mission and correspond to its openness to cooperation with a foreign-language client.


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