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Role of the Real Estate Agent: key aspects in the real estate industry

The responsibility of a real estate agent is extensive and covers many essential tasks that are crucial for the transaction process. In our previous article, we considered whether it is worth using the brokerage services, analyzing how valuable this cooperation can be in the context of selling, buying, or renting. Continuing this topic, in today's post, we will focus on the details of cooperation with a real estate agent, discussing key aspects such as tasks and responsibilities. We will also look at how to skillfully use the services of a real estate agent and what issues to consider when signing agreements to ensure that the entire transaction process runs smoothly and without problems.

Real Estate Agent - who is it actually?

A real estate agent is a person who mediates between the parties of a transaction, i.e., the buyer and the seller or the tenant and the owner. His main goal is to facilitate and secure the process of selling or renting property for both sides.

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Tasks of a real estate agent - a comprehensive approach

Contrary to popular belief, the role of a real estate agent is not limited to just showing potential buyers around properties, taking photos for listings, and publishing offers in various marketing channels. It also includes:

  • Determining the legal, financial, and technical status of the property: These are key activities undertaken by the real estate agent in their work. This includes analyzing legal documentation of the property, such as the land register, notarial deed, lease agreements, and technical inspections. The agent also checks the financial status of the property, including debts or potential mortgage burdens. Additionally, they perform a technical assessment of the property, considering the condition of installations, infrastructure, or potential defects, which is important for potential clients and the course of the transaction. Due to a comprehensive approach to analyzing these aspects, the agent helps ensure safety and clarity of the transaction for all involved parties.
  • Assisting in obtaining a mortgage: With the help of a real estate agent, a client can receive professional support and facilitation in obtaining a mortgage, which speeds up and eases the property buying process.
  • Preparing a preliminary agreement: With the proper preparation of a preliminary agreement by the real estate agent, the transaction becomes more transparent, and the interests of all involved parties are appropriately protected. This is an important step in the process of selling or buying property, requiring a professional approach and knowledge of the law.
  • Contact with the bank, notary, and relevant offices: These are crucial actions that a real estate agent takes to ensure the proper conduct of the transaction and to protect the client's interests.
  • Price negotiations: One of the key tasks of the agent is to effectively conduct price negotiations between the parties of the transaction. Their goal is to obtain favorable conditions for the client, whether selling, buying, or renting.
  • Advice and support: The real estate agent offers professional advice at every stage of the transaction. They help clients solve problems, provide information about the real estate market, and advise on tax matters and formalities.

In performing their professional duties, the real estate agent has the right to access and obtain copies, extracts, and certificates from various documents and registers:

  • land registers;
  • population registers concerning registration duties;
  • property cadastre;
  • records of area equipment networks;
  • tax assessment tables and maps;
  • local plans, condition studies, spatial development directions of the municipality, and decisions on building and development conditions;
  • real estate price registers;
  • registers of persons who have property rights or related rights to properties;
  • energy certificates.

By deciding to cooperate with a real estate agency, clients receive a package of benefits that go beyond the ordinary transaction. Experts from Hamilton May, due to continuous training, are masters of negotiation, which translates into real savings and profits for the client. Moreover, the agency cooperates with financial advisors providing comprehensive service, which means not only access to the best credit options for the client but also a significant reduction in the stress and formalities associated with the credit process. These actions are aimed at ensuring the highest quality of services, maximizing the comfort and satisfaction of our clients.

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