Off Market – what does it mean in the real estate industry?



Off Market strategies in real estate sales: A unique approach beyond the traditional market

In the real estate industry, an increasingly common sales strategy is the so-called "off market," which involves conducting transactions outside publicly accessible markets. This unique mode of operation focuses on offering properties only to selected clients or within limited circles, bypassing public listings on popular real estate portals or other media. It is a strategy mainly used for luxury properties, exclusive offers, or situations where the owner prefers more discretion or wants to avoid competition, like an exclusive listing but with even greater emphasis on privacy and avoiding public exposure. Both off-market sales and exclusive agreements utilize a personalized approach to sales, delivering unique solutions for both sellers and buyers, focusing on individual preferences and needs.

Properties In focus

Sale of real estate using the Off Market method - benefits for sellers and buyers, analysis of market trends

Benefits for sellers in off-market sales include:

  • Discretion: Property owners can maintain greater privacy since sales information is not publicly available. For those who value their privacy, this is a significant factor.
  • Avoiding competition: The property is not publicly advertised, allowing the owner to avoid direct competition with other market offerings. This can be particularly beneficial when the property is unique or hard to access.
  • Personalized approach: With a limited pool of potential buyers, sellers can more personalize their approach and tailor the offer to specific client needs.

For buyers benefits include:

  • Access to exclusive offers: Buyers looking for unique properties may have access to offers that are not publicly available on the market.
  • Less competition: Buyers can avoid fierce competition with other purchasers, which can lead to better purchase conditions or price negotiations.
  • Individual approach: The possibility to work with an agent who provides a more personalized approach and helps find the property that perfectly meets expectations.

Expert opinion on Off Market transactions

While Off Market real estate transactions often remain undisclosed to the public, our valued agent, Ewa Marcinowska, shared her experience from one such transaction that she had the honor of handling. She talks about how, in January 2024, she made one of the most satisfying sales of her career.

"The success of this transaction was not a coincidence," says Ewa. "First of all, it was crucial to establish a strong bond with the owners, based on common beliefs and mutual trust. This allowed me to create a dedicated sales strategy, adapted to the specificity of the property and the prevailing market conditions."

Ewa also emphasizes the importance of precise preparation for the sale: "The decision to start, the duration and method of conducting the sale had a decisive impact on the success achieved. A professional valuation and agreeing an attractive offer price that was convincing to the potential buyer were extremely important. My sales strategy was planned to take into account various scenarios."

The agent points out that the key to the effectiveness of Off Market transactions is silent marketing, which is based on maintaining strong relationships both with investors and with other leading agents on the premium market. These strategies, although less visible, prove to be extremely effective in achieving sales goals without too much fanfare.

Market Trends and the Future of Off Market

An analysis of market trends shows that the Off Market method is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those seeking premium properties or preferring discretion in transactions. More and more real estate agents are specializing in this niche, developing creative marketing strategies, such as personalized advertising campaigns or organizing exclusive thematic events.


Off Market is a strategy that emphasizes exclusivity of offers, greater privacy, and an individual approach to each client. It is an approach that can offer significant benefits for both sellers and buyers, provided there is a thorough understanding of market needs and effective utilization of specialized knowledge and industry contacts.

However, Off Market properties are not suitable for everyone. They require a lot of patience and the support of an experienced real estate agent who can maintain an objective and realistic view of the transaction. Before making a final decision, it is worth considering a consultation with experts.

At Hamilton May, we are prepared to support you in choosing a sales strategy that takes into account the unique features and attractiveness of your property and is also tailored to the preferences of potential buyers. Our task is to conduct a professional market analysis and provide advice that ensures an optimal approach to sales and maximizes the potential of the property.

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