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Adam Knefel

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

Adam Knefel - joined the Hamilton May team in June 2022 as an agent with 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. He acquired his first professional experience in Warsaw in a real estate management company. Over the next few years, he worked in the sale department of a development company. This allowed him to thoroughly explore the primary real estate market in Warsaw and Wroclaw. A natural step in Adam's professional career development was to start working as a real estate agent, which he has been doing continuously since 2019. Adam creates a real estate portfolio based on the highest standards and knowledge in the field of real estate trading.
At the beginning of cooperation with Hamilton May, he was responsible for customer service in Warsaw. Currently, he is a key member of the Wrocław team. As the first agent in the youngest branch of Hamilton May, he co-creates a completely new real estate portfolio and actively supports the team by sharing his knowledge and experience. Adam has extensive experience in mediating the purchase of real estate in Poland by international clients. He is distinguished by the ease of establishing business relationships with developers and property owners. Adam is fluent in English, which enables him to serve international clients at the highest level. He is conscientious and focuses on delivering value to the client. He brings peace and communication skills to the company. He is always helpful, and his clients appreciate professional service and commitment to solving their problem. In customer service, he is helped by his qualifications, which he gradually improves. He is a graduate of the law department at the University of Wrocław with a master's degree in law. As a result of completing postgraduate studies, he gained two another diplomas: development studies under the patronage of PZFD and studies in the field of personal data protection and information security management. Adam believes that success is the result of teamwork and joint commitment. He appreciates the working atmosphere at Hamilton May and the synergy effect that accompanies it. Privately, he is passionate about music, in particular percussion. He finds time for literature, admires modern art and architecture. He likes to ride a bike, on which he also often rides to work.

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