Paulina Karpisz as a panelist during the Future of Real Estate 2024 Conference



We recently attended the Future of Real Estate 2024 conference, organized by Property Forum and RICS at the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria. The event featured engaging discussions, exciting panels, and inspiring speeches. Networking opportunities allowed real estate professionals to connect with industry leaders.

Representing Hamilton May were Robert Watkins, CEO & Founder, Ilona Stanik, Senior Consultant for PRS & Capital Markets, and Paulina Karpisz, Head of Marketing.

Paulina Karpisz also participated in a workshop panel discussion titled "The Future of Real Estate Marketing – How to Stand Out?" During the panel, marketing experts from the real estate sector discussed successful projects, changes in buyer behavior, and the challenges of marketing communication. Hot topics included whether artificial intelligence is an opportunity or a threat and the impact of ESG on communication.


At the panel's conclusion, each speaker highlighted a buzzword they believe will define the second half of the year: “data”, “conversions”, “content”, “quality”, and “human”.

The panelists for "The Future of Real Estate Marketing – How to Stand Out?" included:

  • Sylwia Kaczmarek, Skanska
  • Paulina Karpisz, Hamilton May
  • Mateusz Kowalski, AFI Europe
  • Urszula Matej-Bil, EPP
  • Monika Rykowska, AXI IMMO Group
  • Moderated by Agnieszka Zaczyńska, SEGRO

We look forward to seeing you at future industry events.

pictures: Property Forum

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