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Recently started 2022 is the 18th year of Hamilton May’s operation. The challenges we have faced and the successes we have achieved make us feel positive while we look to ‘adulthood’.

Starting another year in the business, we can see that in 2021 we established our presence in the growing Polish PRS more than ever. We kept strong, stable teams together despite the many variables that the year brought. The past twelve months have also been a period of improving our technological solutions. To demonstrate both experience and unwavering creativity at Hamilton May, we are going to introduce a new, refreshed visual identity.

We invite you for 2021 summary and a preview of what to expect this year.


Always at the Forefront

We work with property, therefore we know the value of residential real estate very well. While we anticipate global trends to remain ready for the future, our understanding of each individual resident’s needs remains the key focus.

A growing interest in the rental housing model in the PRS sector now can be foreseen. The sector is a fresh alternative to the traditional rental model in Poland, which is why we are excited to co-create this market. Both local and foreign investors are active in the sector, which confirms our belief that this is the right direction. The Hamilton Asset Management team, dedicated to PRS services, closely cooperated with the investor on the Central Praga projects in Warsaw and the Greendustry in Zabłocie in Krakow.

We are recognized as a leading PRS operator with an existing track record with many PRS investors. We match our competitors for property management services but stand out when it comes to results in leasing – the key to success in PRS – says Rob Watkins, Hamilton Group CEO.

Greg Ryzio, Senior Agent in Hamilton May Krakow, points out the defining factors for the market such as interest rates, construction material prices and inflation. However, he expects the market will now be more predictable. Our greatest success in 2021 was the sale of a package of apartments for rent with management, which will soon appear as a pioneering product in Krakow’s Zabłocie – adds Greg Ryzio.

At Hamilton Group, we focus on those market segments that we know well. For me, it is a broadly defined PRS  from the sale of residential projects, through the coordination of finishing works, to the rental of premises. 2021 was a turning point for me. Business relations started last year will continue to thrive in 2022 – adds Ilona Stanik, Senior Consultant for PRS and Capital Markets.

In times of uncertainty and high inflation, we have witnessed a flight to safety in which our investors have opted for lower-risk property assets. Seeking premium locations and buildings, investors have looked not only to inflation proof their portfolios but also take advantage of capital growth opportunities.

Consequently, in 2021, our sales teams transacted a higher proportion of luxury apartments above the 5M PLN threshold, including a single transaction over 11M PLN in Złota 44.

The right company

We do business differently as we declare on the website. Passion for good style and expectations for the highest standards is something we share with our clients. As a result of reliable work, we build long-term relationships sealed with successful transactions.

2021 also proved how powerful a team that supports itself is. Our strength is outstanding effectiveness and individual approach to other people.

Patrick Pieta, Senior Real Estate Advisor at Hamilton May Warsaw points out: many factors influence the result. First of all, we play in an extremely strong team. A reputable club gives us the structure and tools without which such a good result on the market would not be possible.

We constantly introduce positive changes but in a staged and controlled manner. In the spring of last year, we completed the first stage of renovation of the Krakow office. The second part will be delivered soon, with renovation works commenced in late autumn. We are convinced that the comfort of using a modern office space will translate not only into the efficiency of daily work but will also provide a friendly atmosphere for meetings with you.

The smooth organization of the team’s work was also a challenge in 2021. The boutique character and structure of Hamilton May proved to be a perfect solution for remote work in a hybrid system, even during the most severe pandemic conditions.

We ended the second half of last year with the pre-pandemic turnover level. It proves that society is gradually getting used to the new reality and that our team is working effectively in various conditions.

We managed to remain effective and ensure the safety of our employees and customers, which is our priority. Despite the difficulties, we achieved a good financial result, and the team was strengthened with new agents and specialists who showed excellent skills from the very beginning – comments Dominik Markowski, Manager of the Krakow team.

Technology of tomorrow

We constantly invest in our technological solutions. One of the foundations of Hamilton May’s success is an experienced team of web developers building systems tailored to the needs of employees and clients. Automated activity reports for landlords and sellers or matching demand enquiries with the properties in our database are examples of tools we are working on.

Our solutions are entirely created in-house. The same applies to the new version of our website schedules for completion in 2022. We create the website on our own from scratch, so that each element harmonizes with the refreshed brand and provides users with maximum benefits. We never compromise to use ready-made templates.

Working in the residential property industry, we take additional care of our common home, which is planet Earth. By co-creating modern workplaces, we care about their friendliness not only towards employees and guests but also the environment. In 2021, we introduced policies to reduce the amount of energy, paper and waste production. Additionally, an upgrade of computer systems to energy-efficient machines was performed. Further reductions and greater sensitivity to climate issues are an important point on the list of Hamilton May’s New Year’s resolutions.

Knowledge is power

What to expect in the coming months? The boutique nature of the premium brand dedicated to customers looking for the highest quality will be supplemented with an extended offer for capital markets. Rob Watkins lists key plans:

We expect to further build our position in the PRS market as a leading operator for letting and management services and well as continuing to work on acquisitions for our active PRS investors. We are working on a number of tenders at the moment and hope to have further announcements in the first half of 2022. I want to build and strengthen our property management teams to handle the growing workload.

Our sales teams will grow both in Warsaw and Krakow as we have plenty to build on.

Additionally, the new website premiere and our branding relaunch are highly important.

We wish both our current and future clients 2022 full of reasons to celebrate, good decisions and favourable circumstances.

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